Walking safaris in Tanzania

Guided by armed ranger walking tours in Tanzania

Set off on foot towards one of the most secluded parts of the Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Highlands forests, led by a trained and skilled walking safari guide. Guides will proficiently teach you how to notes and tracking various wildlife marks. Experience the wonders of encountering and tracking wildlife animals on foot. Rouse every sense, fully approval a world where each sound, scent and bent blade of grass is feeling into nature. Tours are organized in a way that won’t disturb the wildlife with their habitat, as such animals remain unaware, and thus unthreatened to human presence. All parties remain safe and can enjoy the adventure among breathtaking scenery.

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Walking into these jungles offers the best view of animals like Zebras, Antelopes, Giraffes, Wildebeest, and the animals like cates and elephants. The walking tour is more interesting when following the animal tracks, studying about small insects, and different animals dungs.

Tanzania safari Pro, we’ll organise this kind of safari for you, it’s easy to include a walking tour in one of the days of your normal safari, or inquiry a complete walking safari in Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater and Ngorongoro highland.

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