Tanzania adventure camping safaris

Easy and Affordable African Camping Safari.

On our Tanzanian adventure camping safaris, you will dive deep into African jungle. Traveling over the bumping road and enjoy the free Africa massage, drive across ethnic villages and see attractive scenaries and amazing wildlife.

All your experiences will be consisted with the lion roar from far while feels as close into the jungle you won, experiencing rough road exploring, dancing Zebra and a lot of wild animal’s game viewing. Nesting under the lightening stars into Canvas tent, in more layer of sleeping bag on the comfortable form mattress. The camping safari experience is all the more extreme as you are ‘right in the middle’ of it all. The nearness to the nature, especially at night with its night active animals sounds, compensates for the luxury of a lodge.

Feel in all-inclusive camping expereince.

Our camping safari in Tanzania are full equipped with all camping facilities like safari canvas tents, sleeping bags, form mattress, safari table and comfortable chairs, pillows, food dishes and all cooking facilities, for the special camping safari we also offer portable toilet. You will be a campaigned with professional safari guide and cook and sometimes tent crew. All our camping equipment are well maintained by the Secret Gear.

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